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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  March 22, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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endangered animal swim, eat, and play. and some serve as sere gate mothers to abandoned otter pups. another little cute furry guy. an indictment was filed against punxsutawney phil. a prosecutor in ohio is accusing phil of lying to the whole country. in february phil predicted that spring would come early. many states are still seeing snow. the indictment is a little tongue and cheek. we want to show you this live. president obama right there live just about to leave israel. heading to jordan. he's at the airport in tel aviv. he just spent 20 minutes meeting with benjamin netanyahu. the president is about to leave israel. heading to jordan. we'll have all the details coming up. let's go back over to sal as we get closer to 7:00. >> we are looking at the toll
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plaza. there is a little bit of a wave here pam and dave westbound. it's not bad. if you are driving in san jose, southbound 280 we have the two right lanes closed. now to bill. we are looking at temperatures today. they will be warmer than yesterday. that is a good thing. we'll see temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. current numbers outside low 40s. it will be a nice looking 24 hours when i get back on mornings on 2 at 7:00 we will show you the five-day forecast and the next chance for rain. coming up on mornings on 2 the big story we've been telling you about is a deadly hit and run accident on a san jose freeway. developing news in marin county. a rock slide causing big problems for drivers heading to the golden gate bridge. [ male announcer ] subway introduces the new $3 six-inch select!
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we're live in san jose where part of a major freeway is closed down. it's a fatal accident and a biohazard situation. this is all in the heart of the commute. we'll explain. >> a terrifying attack on muni. a mother and her teenage daughter are the victims.
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>> we'll tell you how this accident affects you morning commute, coming up. we're live where a dog owner is in a desperate search to find her pet. we'll tell you why she says he's no ordinary dog. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. we're following developing news out of south bay where traffic is affected after a deadly hit and run overnight. the accident happened around 3:00 this morning on interstate 280 near the mclaughlin exit. that's where we find our report with just how long drivers can expect delays. good morning. good morning. two moms mom -- lanes are still
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closed. cal tran has taken ahold of this situation. a pedestrian was hit and killed here. this has turned into a biohazard situation. it was a gruesome seen out here and there was body fluid on the freeway. cal tran said is needs to be cleaned up. here you can look out at traffic that is backed up here in the southbound lanes of 280. again, it's right in the middle of the commute. it could be like this until 10:00 a.m. let's go to video later this morning. this all happened at 3:15. someone called 911 after seeing a body of a woman crumpled on a freeway. they used their car to stop other cars from running over the body. drivers stopped to help, but no other -- none of the cars that stopped had damage on there. so they don't believe any of those people were responsible. investigators think somehow the woman was walking on the freeway and hit her and sped
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off. >> we broadcasted other agencies in the area. we haven't heard back, but we're relying on everyone, not just law enforcement. >> some of the drivers who stopped to help had to be comforted by the chp because they were traumatized by the scene. police have no leads. they've asked people to come forward with the information. if you know anything, please call this number. it's too early to know who the deceased is, what the age of the person was, and what they were doing on the freeway. we know there was some possibly homeless encampments around here. not sure if this peshwas homeless. that's just pure speculation. cal tran is here. they're waiting for more crews to come out here so they can clean up what's left of the accident on the runway. again, it's metal debris body fluid. this has been majorly affecting traffic. for more on that, we go to sal.
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>> thank you very much. as you said, the traffic in the area is beginning to slow down. i want to show you a map of the area and how you may want to get around. you probably already know. southbound 280 to northbound 880 to southbound 101 is a pretty decent way to go. there's not a lot of traffic in this area. you may want to avoid this area all together. again, westbound 280 is where this is taking place. we also have another problem. following a developing story. two hours ago, large rocks, one measuring three to four feet wide rolled down the hill in sal lido. all highways on 101 have just been reopened. >> i saw this morning, that's the good news as you wake up this morning and head out the door. if you're headed santana, all southbound lanes are clear. that certainly was not the case at around 4:48 this morning. as we go to video of what
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happens, the chp got reports of large rocks that slid down the hillside. these rocks hit an suv on the slow lane and caused severe damage to the hood and the front of that car. we understand that three or four cars were also damaged as other smaller rocks laid on the road. they got flat tires. there's also damage to the wheel wells. the cars have since been pulled over and some taken away on flatbed trucks. there was an alert issued. all southbound lanes were closed at 5:30. chp then opened two of the lanes. around 6:45 they opened up all the lanes but here on an update on exactly what happened this morning. >> to me, the one i saw was about three feet. it had slid all the way out to the second lane out. it rolled quite a ways. all the debris got pushed out.
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our guys did try to remove it, but they didn't have the right equipment to do that. >> several large cal tran bulldozers were here clearing out the rocks. those rocks have been pushed over to the side. it's unclear whether cal tran will be examining the free, especially the hillside to see what caused the rocks to slide down. it's been a relatively dry season so far. it did rain on wednesday, so it's still unclear how the rocks fell. as soon as we found out, we'll definitely let you know. at this point, there are no injuries reported. we're live in marin county, channel 2 news. a peninsula woman desperately trying to find her stolen dog taken from her while she was asleep. her dog is not just any small dog. it's been a very important part of her life. tara moriarty talked to the dog owner a little while ago. she's live at the bart station.
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>> well, dave, to say that this owner is devastated would really be an understatement. she's desperate to find him. he's not an ordinary dog. archie is her service dog. she's posted flyers like this one at every bart station in san francisco. >> it was a pretty late event for me, and i just -- i can't believe i dozed off. >> the hairstyle hairstylist from san bruno said she fell asleep with her pooch in her carrier. when she woke up, the the little pomeranian was gone. this is a picture of him in his tuxedo. the carrier looks just like a purse, so it's possible that the thief who snatched archie didn't even know he was inside. >> no questions asked, just i have a reward, and i would love to have him home. i will do anything.
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it would be a miracle to have him back. >> she suffers from anxiety after experiencing a plane crash in her childhood, so archie helps her cope with that anxiety without having any medication. now, she's been looking for archie around the clock. she's been going to shelters and filed a report with the police. she's offered a $3,000 reward. she also plans to start a facebook page for her missing dog. if you have any information about this case, you're urged to call bart police. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu news. let's check in again with sal. two big problems. right now you want to check on the toll plaza. >> we also want to check on one of the busiest commutes. that would be the toll plaza. westbound bay bridge toll plaza, there's certainly a
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delay, but it's not as much as it normally is. this is common for a fry when we have traffic backed up like this and then in the 8:00 hour we should see clearing unless there's a crash. also looking at the commute here on san francisco's freeways, certainly people out there, it's a little crowded but certainly northbound 101 looks good from 280 up to the 280 split. we've been talking about the problem on 280 southbound. it's going to be a major traffic issue for the next few hours on 280 approaching 101. the alternate is southbound 280 to 101 or get yourself on 101 to begin with and head south. filling in for steve, it's bill martin. good morning on your friday. steve is out today. he's still sick yesterday. i know he's feeling better today. i he'll be back on monday. in the meantime, you've got me. plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the east bay are going to get into the low 70s. it's breezy out there.
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if you're coming over the golden gate bridge, it's classic spring weather. that's kind of what today is, a classic spring day, a little warmer than yesterday with temperatures coming up into the low 70s. the current temperatures are 39 in concord, 52 in antioch. as you push your kids out the door to go to work or school, maybe a light jacket. rapidly at 9:00 or 10:00, it's going to warm up quickly. the forecast high in napa, 68. fairfield, high of 70 in brentwood and 68 in hayward. santa clara valley, not as warm as it has been. during the weekend, it's going to warm further. saturday and sunday look like nice days. you feet a feel for that. look at the rain. tuesday and wednesday, dave and tori, looks like we're going to see some clouds. maybe a return to winter.
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we need the rain after very dry months around here. >> thank you, time now 7:11. big trouble, three u.s. marines are dead. we'll tell you what's happening at a military base this morning. increasing cyber security. people that may have their e- mail and internet surfing monitored by the government. >> anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare
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warmer today too, daytime highs today will be back in the low 70s. there's no fog on the bay. there's a little bit of wind. small craft advisory. developing news, so far the marine base is not telling us
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the names of three u.s. marines killed last night in an apparent double murder-suicide. as chily campbell reports, one marine shot and killed two others and then killed hymn. kill -- he killed a man and then a woman and himself. quanco went on lockdown. that lasted four hours before restrictions were lifted. the base commander said all three worked at the officer's candidate school. that's where marines interested in becoming officers do their training. they're not releasing information on a possible motive right now. the base commander said he expects a lengthy investigation ahead. >> i don't anticipate being able to provide any further details of the incident until at least after we've gotten and
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confirmed the next of kin notification. >> he says that should happen in the next 24 hours. the base commander did seem shaken up at times during that press conference. he referenced it's been a rough week for marines overall. just on monday in nevada, seven marines were killed and 8 others injured in an explosion. we'll hear what others are saying about this latest tragedy when i see you next. live in washington, kyla campbell. expanding a cyber security program. i scans internet traffic headed in and out of defense contractors. now the program is being expanded to include more private civilian run enterprises. that means private sector employees at banks, utilities, and transportation companies. we'll have their e-mails and internet surfing scanned as a precaution against cyber
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attacks this. follow as report earlier this month. cyber attacks are more of a threat to the u.s. than terror attacks. south korea investigators say they were wrong when they identified a chinese internet address as the source of a cyber attack that shut down tens of thousands of computers at six south koreaen company this is week. they dill believe it originated from somewhere abroad. computer experts suspect north korea is behind the attack. we're now hearing that former french president sarkozy is accused of accepting envelopes stuffed with cash from lineal betancourt to illegally finance his 2007 election campaign. the 90-year-old loreal cosmetic
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heiress is the richest woman in the world. sarkozy sid he only visited one time. several members dispute that claim. time now, 7:17. last night a man from france was arrested in philadelphia, accused of impersonating a pilot. he went to a u.s. airways counter in philadelphia airport. he reported by became angry when he was denied a business class seat. passengers say he started screaming about hating america, but still he boarded that plane with a ticket. investigators say he wore a white air france shirt and a black leather jacket with tassels on the shoulders, and he slipped into the cockpit. >> concerning because we don't know what his designs were. it could be anything from wanting to take a look at the cockpit to some other criminal designs. >> well, he was arrested when he couldn't produce the proper
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credentials. no passengers were hurt. he's been held on a million dollars bail. later today we're going to find out if any bay area traffic control towers are going to be closed. five air traffic control towers are on the possible closure list. concord, livermore, san carlos, napa. they've discussed about shooting down towers all over the country because of the budget cuts. they would still be operating but without the towers. a stop gap spending bill is now on its way to president obama's desk for signature. the legislation was passed yet. it keeps the government funded for the next six months. the spending bill leaves in place $85 billion in sequestration budget cuts to the pentagon and domestic
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programs. hundreds of thousands of workers could expect temporary furloughs over the next six months. one thing the new spending bill requires, though, is mail delivery to continue six days a week. the post office wants to eliminate mail on saturday as a cost cutting measure. that was supposed to start in august. the government accountability office has said the postal service cannot just decide to end saturday's service, but lawmakers agree with the postmaster general agree that the cut is necessary to keep the post office in business. a valentine's day stalking attack. now, police in florida say she approached her former boyfriend at a gym, yelled ate -- yelled at him and punched him in the chest. her former boyfriend says the two of them broke up last year, and she has been stalking him ever since. there's a new lead investor
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coming out in sacramento's last minute campaign to save the city's probasketball franchise. sacramento bee say its silicon valley tycoon -- he's leading to bid to by a new stadium, however, the time is running out for that effort to stop the kings from moving to seattle. they have to make their pitch to owners in less than two weeks. it's 7:20. there's official word on what caused that power outage during the super bowl. the blackout delayed the game for 34 minutes. it's the beginning of the 3rd quarter. an engineer that was brought in is confirming that an electrical relay device malfunctioned. the company supplying the energy says crews installed the device to prevent a power failure, but obviously that
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didn't happen. >> getting a chance to meet one of the team's biggest stars in hayward tonight. stefan curry will appear at the sports store at 7:00 tonight. this season the warriors are expected to make the playoffs for the first time since 2007. >> time now, 7:21. it's time to make those plans for the weekend. look outside. there's your morning. here comes the sun. ktvu's bill martin is here. he'll tell you whether this nice weather will continue. >> public workers are finding out what consequences they will face after keeping something valuable they found while on the clock. good morning. if you're driving on 237 you're going to see crowding. it's better than it normally is. we'll tell you more about the traffic and weather, coming up.
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three city workers will not
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face charges after they sold gold jewelry while cleaning out sewers. they sold them to the modesto gold, jewelry, and coin store for 2500 bucks. now, police say valuable property should be returned to its owner if it's possible. >> it was no longer recognizable. there was no longer an ability to return the property to anybody because we just couldn't identify it. >> so those workers will not face charges. they actually get to keep the money after selling it. police say their department has a written policy on when officers find anything valuable, but other city departments do not. 7:24. we're learning about the bike sharing program that's coming to the peninsula this summer. the bikes will be divided up among 70 stations, but half will be in san francisco. 10% will be in redwood city. the other 40% are expected to move between palo alto, mountain view, and san jose. costs have not been announced yet, but they're likely to be
7:28 am
similar to washington, dc where there's a membership fee ranging from $7 a day to $75 for a year. time now, 7:25. let's bring sal back. you're watching highway 4, but you always do. >> it's one of the busiest freeways. today it's getting a little bit of a break because on fridays we do. looking at crowded teachers. i would say that if you drive it every day you're going to notice a little bit of a drop off today. the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge. it's backed up to a 10 minute delay. sometimes we look at this picture and it's completely full. every single inch of pavement is full there. right now that's not the case. if you're driving on 280 southbound, i would advise taking 280 northbound and getting on 101. south 280 to mclaughlin. it will be closed for several more hours. it's a cleanup from a fatal crash. 7:26, let's go to bill. >> all you have to do is look
7:29 am
out the window an see it's going to be a beautiful day. as you can see, no fog, no clouds. the only thing i got really, weatherwise, is a little bit of wind. it's not that cold. these are if forecasted high. 69 in oakland. that's downtown. san jose downtown a little bit cooler. 66. morgan hill at 66 degrees and 68 in gilroy. bay area weekend, basically when i get back, a 5-day forecast loaded up, looking at the weekend. there's some rain in the forecast. that's kind of cool. we'll talk about that. see you back here in a couple minutes. new information about a san jose high school student hit and killed by a train, what he was doing along the tracks that may have contributed to this tragedy. >> reporter: a violent attack on a crowded muni bus. what led to the attack of a 15- year-old girl and her mother.
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good morning. we're still following southbound to 280 at mclaughlin. they're cleaning up from a deadly hit and run crash this morning. chp tells us these lanes will be closed until everything is properly cleaned up. they gave us an estimate around 10:00 this morning.
7:33 am
now, southbound 2801 280 is going to be slow. we have another live traffic update. we'll give you alternate routes and tell you how bad the backup is. let's go back to the desk. happening right now, president obama is on his way to jordan. the last stop on his middle east tour. this is president obama at the airport in tel aviv israel. president obama met with israeli and palestinian leaders during his stay. he visited a holocaust museum. he toured the hall of names where every known holocaust victim is remembered. it's the kind of bigotry and hatred to prevent. >> let's fill our young hearts with the understanding and
7:34 am
compassion that we hope others have for them. >> president obama visited the grave of former israeli prime minister who was assassinated in 1995. time now, 7:31. once again san mateo police will patrol after a threat to a school. a message was posed on an anonymous facebook page describing a random threat. it named yesterday as a day for an attack. however, nothing happened yesterday. again, the police will be on the campus today and through the weekend as a precaution. reports of an attack on a crowded muny bus. a man punched a teenage girl and her mother. >> reporter: this is where the 14 mission bus runs. it's been a steady stream of buses. you can see one approaching us now. riders say it's a very, very
7:35 am
popular line. indeed, this happened on a very, very crowded bus. according to the examiner this all happened last weekend at 7:30 at night. the mother and her daughter were apparently standing at the back of a packed bus near the doors when two people got on. one of the men was a very large man who tried to just push his way onto the packed bus. please tell the examiner he kept pushing and pushing until the teen reacted by slapping him and turned him around to tell him there's no more room, and that apparently set him off. he apparently punched the 15- year-old girl and then started stranging her. when the mother tried to stop it all, she was punched too. apparently a second man stole the mother's purse. both victims will be okay, but the search continues for two men responsible for the attack. muni riderrers had not heard about what happened. i asked one woman if she was worried about her safety? >> not too much when i'm on the bus. that's when most people are going to work or school.
7:36 am
>> do you think the time you ride makes you feel safer? >> yes, definitely. >> so on a weekend night, do you think you would feel a little different? >> yes. >> late at night? >> yeah. >> reporter: she says she does take some precautions like not taking out her cell phone and watching her purse carefully when she's on the bus. >> we have a description of one of the men. he's described as a large man, possibly is is a mowen at the time of the attack. he was wearing a black sweatshirt and was wearing red and black headphones. now, there was the second man who grabbed the mother's purse. we do not have a description of him this morning for you because apparently the victims did not get a good look at him. muni cameras will help with him. they're reportedly looking into that. if you have any information, you're asked to give them a call. live here in san francisco,
7:37 am
claude dean wong. a man grabbed a woman about 3:30 sunday afternoon. he tried to choke her and move her to a creek bed, but she got away. the suspect drove off. the car is described as an older model silver or gray acura two-door with primer on the bumper and fender area. we're learning more about the death of a san jose teenager who was hit and killed by a train this week. the 16-year-old was walking home from school near virginia street when he was killed. investigators have determined he was wearing head phones an was listening to music as the train approached. he was a junior at lincoln high school and loved playing guitar. his family and friends came together last night to share memories of him during an emotional vigil. >> the hardest part is i want
7:38 am
him back. that's the hardest part. cal train already had plans to install fences in the area where he was killed. his mother is also asking other parents to warn their children about the dang over -- dangers of walking along train tracks. police will not seek criminal charges against a driver who hit and killed a 14- year-old girl last year. she was riding her bike to school back in november when she was hit by an suv on the corner of jefferson avenue and -- investigators have now determined that the girl was at fault for the crash because she should have yield to the suv. the family rejected the police findings and is now launching its own investigation. >> time now, 7:35, an audit of who city council members is now in the hands of the district attorney's office and the fbi. the auditor listed more than a dozen alleged violations by
7:39 am
council members. among other things, the audit uses their power to -- the bidding process for the cleanup of the old oakland army base. both brooks and reed denied the allegations. in the meantime, ktvu has learned there's a second investigation. this is a story you will see only on 2. we obtained a report from a private investigator from a company that was charged with corruption. that report includes an interview with a man who claims his business partner claimed money to get special treatment from city hall and specifically councilman reed. >> what was that money for? >> just so that he can get whatever he wants from the city's approval. >> how do you think he was doing that? >> because he had connections. he had a connection with larry reed. >> it was mind-boggling to me
7:40 am
that someone can say that because they're in a relationship with someone else, that they paid me $50,000 because i wanted to retire. well, i'm still here. i just got re-elected. i have never taken a freaking dime. >> he said he's hiring a lawyer. he said he's confident a full investigation will clear his name in the second case. it's 7:37. after seven years and more than $400 million, a project designed to help project san mateo coastal drivers is almost open to traffic. on monday. people plan to gather to celebrate two new tunnels that will let drivers bypass an area known for mud and rock slides. it's the first highway tunnel to be built in california in nearly 50 years. >> hip, hip, hooray. >> a lot of people are happy about that. sal is back.
7:41 am
you're busy, my friend. >> we've been busy sent the get- go. we were here doing traffic conch then. we've had things going on. bay bridge seems to be getting better. it's still not as bad as it normally is. it's about a 15-minute delay. looks like the traffic is slowing down a little bit onto the bridge. we're going to see if something is going on here. the traffic is also going to be busy in san francisco. southbound 101 at candlestick park there's report of debris in the roadway. watch out for that. if you're looking at the freeway to union city, we have slow traffic. we had a crash at mowry avenue. the time is 19 minutes. once you get past mowry, it opens up. 7:39, let's go to bill.
7:42 am
good morning, sal and everybody else. we're going to see plenty of sunshine as we go into the afternoon hours. numbers are going to get into the mid-60s, low 70s. 39 degrees right now. it's been kind of chilly out there, but it's going to warm up today. the kids go to school, set them up with a jacket, go home, leave a jacket at school. it's going to be warm. pollen is trending high for tree. a day like today, breezy. warmer it's going to get the pollens going. saturday at 10:00 a.m -- i'm running the computer model because i want you see the the next shot of rain. here's saturday, saturday night. weekend looks good. sunday, weekend looks good. monday morning still nice. tuesday all the way to tuesday. clouds increase and we got rain back in the forecast. tuesday afternoon into wednesday, hopefully that works out for us. these are the forecasted highs for the friday. 70 in fairfield. 69 in antioch. a nice, nice looking day.
7:43 am
santa clara, you have numbers that are cooler. 67 in livermore. good air quality. i mentioned the free pollen just because. it's beautiful. look outside, driving to work right now or look at your window, the trees are blooming. it's going to be a pretty rapid one this weekend at temperatures warm up and you will be noticing the tree pollen. a lot of trees out right now. be aware of that. the weekend forecast shows the warmest day is coming on sunday. then there's the deal on tuesday and wednesday, a chance of showers. >> all right. sounds good. thank you, bill. it's 20 minutes before 8:00, what's moving the market this is morning? we're also learning more information about the man who shot and killed a chp officer on the side of 680 and alamo last year. how a young girl later communicated without words with a 911 operator when burglaries broke into her family's home.
7:44 am
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stocks have opened higher after big retail names reported higher earnings. tiffany and darden posted profits that were higher. overseas, markets have recovered. the dow up 77. s&p is up 8. nasdaq is up 14. well, a glimmer of hope for cypress. it has until monday to raise billions billions billions billions billions billions of euros. the money from moscow would not be a loan because that would increase the debt burden which the european union said it would frown on.
7:47 am
blackberry ceo says apple lacks innovation. he made that excellent hours before the u.s. launch of the new touch screen blackberry. the iphone does not allow for multitasking. the blackberry lets users have multiple apps open. they will announce sales numbers for the phone in other countries. twitter being taken over by law enforcement today, very interesting. ktvu's pam cook is in the newsroom to tell us about a tweet-a-thon. >> if you want to know what it's like to spend a day as a local police officer, chp or police chief, today is the day. a tweet-a-thon begins today. agencies around the world have started. the idea was proposed by a consulting firm looking at improving communications between officers and the public. it also helps them do their
7:48 am
job. >> we want people to follow us on twitter and facebook so when there is an emergency, an earthquake, a flooding we had recently in november, that we can directly communicate with community members and let them know what to expect. >> now, this morning, for instance, the chp tweeted out the problems on the 101 with the boulder in the freeway we've been talking about. they also just thanked the construction company for coming in to help. they're all just some of the departments among those participating in the event today here in the bay area, but again across the country and around the world. police departments are participating. a lot of them are tweeting out bilingually so we can understand what they're saying in other countries. in the newsroom, we count on twitter every day. they give us great information. kathy jean, one of our regular tweeters, told us double slide is part of her regular commute. she's going to let us know how
7:49 am
that goes. >> fascinating, pam. time now, 7:46. a california teenager will be credited with helping catch burglary suspects near san diego. >> he's inside is this. >> yes. >> now, the girl was home alone when those suspects broke in. she hid in a closet, called 911 for help. at one point they heard suspects and told the girl to stop talking. >> do not open the door. >> one tap, two taps, that's how they communicated. >> about 30 minutes, the police finally got there and were able to arrest those suspects and items from other homes that were also stolen were found in their car. an investigation has cleared two vallejo police officers of a deadly shooting last may. the times herald reports that the district attorney's office concluded the shooting was justified. the investigation found that the officers opened fire on a
7:50 am
heavily intoxicated man flashing a fake gun. the shooting was the first of six deadly vallejo police shootings last year. vallejo police have identified the man accused of a four-hour standoff on wednesday. 42-year-old william heinz barricaded himself inside a home. police say they opened fire when he broke a window and pointed a rifle at them. heinz was wanted on burglary and drug warrants. officers eventually entered the home and found his body. they're still trying to determine if he died from a police gunshot or a self- inflicted wound. san francisco police blew up a world war ii era hand grenade in golden gate park. a man found the device in the dirt along martin luther king, jr. drive. he said it looked real when he
7:51 am
dug it up, so he called police. they're trying to figure out how it ended up there, but they doubt there are any more hidden in the park. new details about the man who shot and killed a chp officer last year. he shot the officer during a traffic stop on highway 680 in alamo. lacy was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1997. they say he was a loner who had antigovernment views, and we may never get a clear understanding about his motive for last year's shooting. also, the fight over reward money in the manhunt case surrounding surrounding christopher dorner may intensify. reward money is available, but several people are claiming they should get it. dorner killed two l.a. police officers and two civilians before getting into a gun battle with police in big bear. ultimately it led to his death. agencies are hoping to reward
7:52 am
that money by the middle of april. they will be listening to tapes and reading reports before they make a final decision on who will get the reward money. it's 7:49. activists plan to bare it all in san francisco today to protest the nudity ban. it comes after a junk denied a motion for a temporary restraining order that would allow nudity to return to san francisco streets. activists asked for the restraining order while an appeal is working its way through the courts. the cat population is on the decline. in 2009 the city passed an ordinance to cut down on the number of stray cats. it replaced the killing of cats with spaying and neutering. it also made it mandatory for people who fed stray cats to operate as a licensed colony. they say it's been a while since they've seen a new litter of kittens. they did it for cal.
7:53 am
they pulled off a major upset at the hp pavillion. >> this might just do it. >> we're going to show you all the highlights in the big game and tell you when they will tip off again tomorrow. >> and a criminal accusation against the nation's most famous groundhog.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:22. happen right now, president obama has just arrived in jordan, the last stop on his middle east tour. the president is just getting in right now. he's scheduled to meet with jordan's king, an important u.s. ally. among the topics to discuss, jordan's struggle with half a million refugees from the syrian civil war. of course the president just spent a few days in israel talking to israeli and palestinian leaders there. he's also, in addition to visiting the king at the
7:56 am
capital of haman, he's going to visit the the ancient city of petra. the president's limousine is about to take off today. 7:53. back in our country tomorrow, the sea otters return to their two story home at the monterey aquarium. that exhibit has thrilled 50 million visitors. now they can learn more about them, including how the aquarium rescues and rehabs otters on the brink of extinction now. you can try out the new otter spotter station. you can watch wild otters. meanwhile, an indictment, believe it or not, was filed against punxsutawney phil. a man in ohio accuses phil of lying to the whole country about the weather. phil predicted spring would come early. a lot of states are still getting snow.
7:57 am
now, this is all tongue and cheek. even phil's handlers are going along with the joke saying phil is innocent. tomorrow's ncaa tournament game at hp pavillion. cal will take on syracuse university after the bears upset -- 64-61. san jose has hosted the tournament three times in seven years, each time bringing an estimated $20 million to the local economy. >> especially the first two days of the ncaa tournament, a lot of upsets, you can hear all the buzz. people are pretty fired up here. fun environment. good couple of days for sure. >> it wasn't all good news for bay area teens. while cal advanced, st. mary's lost to memphis, almost coming back, 54-52, the final score. a tipoff scheduled for 6:40 tomorrow night. the 12th seat, definitely the
7:58 am
underdogs. syracuse pounded montana, 81- 34. wow, the other big upset i have to mention, harvard seeded 14 14th, upset 3rd seat new mexico. harvard has only been in march madness three times, and this is the only time they've won. >> time now, 7:55. sal, i need you to behave yourself during this next game. >> okay. i will. i will. good morning, everybody. let's go outside. i want to talk about the traffic that's getting busier to the commute. northbound, seeing people showing up past the coliseum. also, the bay bridge toll plaza we have a backup that's getting better. we had a slowup but now it's getting better. 880 is slow this morning, although that's improving well on the way to fremont. here's bill martin. good friday to you. we've got nice weather shaping up. reports from delta. pretty strong winds. as you look at the golden gate
7:59 am
bridge, you see a nice day we're going to have. the clouds are not there. the sun is. temperatures, pink areas, purple areas, that's where the small craft advisories are. current temperatures 39 in concord, 37 in livermore. the forecast for rain and clouds, nothing. it's going to be plenty of sun. high in fairfield, 70 degrees, 70 in brentwood. 68 in heyward. now, just know if you want to do the math, add about four degrees, maybe five degrees for some of these numbers. the saturday is warmer still. come back in a few minutes, the 5-day forecast, there's some rain to talk about. there's good news there. the weekend looks good. >> thank you, bill. phil bill is doing aigrette -- a great job. how this man ended up 100- miles away from his home and where he says he was going. we're live in san jose
8:00 am
where traffic is tied up due to an earlier fatal accident. we'll tell you about a new closure and why this has turned into a biohazard situation. a woman was snatched off of bart. she's in a desperate search to find him. why he's not just any pet. morning news on 2 continues.
8:01 am
8:02 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. we're following news out of the south bay. traffic is affected after a deadly hit and run overnight. the accident happened about 3:00 this morning right there on interstate 280 near mclaughlin avenue. we've been on this since 4:30 this morning. drivers, i'm looking over your shoulder. drivers are going to be affected by this. >> i can't tell how much it's backed up, but you can see i'm standing here in the southbound lanes of 280. they had the number three and number four lane closed. only two lanes of traffic open right now because of this earlier accident. i also want to tell you about a new closure. they closed the 7th street onramp. in the last 20 minutes, you can see right here, traffic is building because they also just closed the 11th street onramp. so that has traffic building.
8:03 am
now, the reason they have done this, even though the body has been collected from the scene, you can see cal tran is there. this was a gruesome accident. there was a lot of debris, body fluid left on the freeway. they're waiting for a company they've contracted with from hayward to come out here. they have to spray bleach on the freeway, and this could all take up to two to three hours, they're saying. now, this is video taken earlier this morning. it happened around 3:00. someone stopped when they saw a body crumpled. several cars stopped to call for help. this appears to be a hit and run. they believe the victim is a woman. they say somehow she walked onto the freeway and was hit. the chp say none of the drivers who stopped to help had damage on their vehicles. >> several vehicles had stopped to protect the body so it didn't get run over again. it appears to have been struck by at least one vehicle.
8:04 am
we have no information at this time. we don't have suspect vehicle information. if anyone saw anything, please give us a call so we can figure out what happened tonight. >> some of the drivers who were helping had to be comforted by chp officers because they were traumatized by this accident. the chp said they have no leads. they called the police department and asked them to look for vehicles that have heavy front end damage. they're asking to call this number. back out live, just two lanes open near 280 southbound right before the mclaughlin exit. also, again, the 7th street and the 11th street onramp are closed and, again, this could be like this until about 10:00 a.m. this morning, possibly locker because they're still waiting waiting for the company that does the cleanup alive.
8:05 am
ktvu channel 2 news. >> and the traffic here is going to be impacted. obviously you're on the scene. you've known that the lanes are closed. for those of you who want an alternate route, southbound 280 to northbound, 880 to southbound 101 is a decent one. there's not a lot of traffic there. the two right lanes are closed. she told us it's likely to stay that way for a couple of hours. use that route or get on 101 to head south to begin with. fortunately, northbound 280 moving through the area pretty well. now, coming up in a few minutes, i will have another complete traffic update. it's 8:02. let's go back to the desk. developing news from virginia. three people are dead in a shooting on the quantico marine base. authorities say a male marine is expected of shooting who fellow marines, a man and a woman, before killing himself. coming up at 8:15, what shorts just said this morning about the second tragedy this week for the marines.
8:06 am
an escape parolee wanted on felony weapons charges is still on the loose after escaping from police in san jose. officers tracked him down yesterday afternoon. police say he ran off, threw away a loaded gun, and jumped some fences to escape. officers set up a perimeter and searched yard to yard for him but did not find him. >> the time is 8:03, law enforcement agencies still trying to determine if a shootout with deputies in texas may be connected to the killing of a colorado state prison chief. this started as a high speed chase through two texas counties yesterday afternoon. it ended with the death of a colorado prison inmate that was out on parole. the man's car had colorado license plates. it matched the description of a car last seen at the home of prison director tom clements. >> this helps define what a public servant is. he did his job quietly, intently. he cared deeply about his
8:07 am
staff, his family, and the community. now, one officer was injured in that shootout. a runner outside the home during the shooting may be a key witness in the case. it's 8:04, a peninsula woman is desperately trying to find her stolen dog taken from her while she was sleeping on bart. tara moriarty spoke to that owner a few hours ago. she joins us live. this little dog played a big role in her owner's life; right? >> that's right. i wasn't just a pet. this was actually a service dog, so the owner has posted photos of archie at every single bart station from here to san francisco. >> i don't know. i can show you a picture of him in it. in fact, i have some video. >> the hairstylist was very emotional this morning when she showed us pictures of her beloved dog. she accidentally fell asleep on a san francisco bart train late wednesday night with her
8:08 am
pomeranian in his carrier tucked to her side. this is a picture of the one- year-old pooch in his tux after a benefit in san francisco that night. she experiences anxiety after suffering a plane crash in her childhood. archie helps hour deal with that. >> i would have to take medication to fly or things that stress me out. with him, i don't need anything. >> reporter: now, she says the carrier looks just like a purse. it's dark brown. it's also possible that the thief who snatched archie didn't know he was inside. she's been looking for him around the clock. she's been to shelters and filed a report with bart police. she's offering a 3,000-dollar reward for his safe return. she also plans to start a facebook page. if you have any information regarding this little pomeranian, you're asked to
8:09 am
call bart police. we're live in millbri. i'm tara moriarty, channel channel 2 news. matthew abraham is talking for the first time and telling the santa cruz sentinel he was in a dream like state when he road a bus and hitchhiked to utah days ago. he suffered a serious head injury while riding a mountain bike. he also said he saw a pittsburgh steelers sticker and that made him think he had to go to pittsburgh. someone on that bus called the police. it's 8:06. more music will fill the streets of san francisco today. musicians from the san francisco symphony continue their strike. they will hold another small concert not far from davy's any hall. the musicians have been triking against the management since last week. i they're at odds over wages
8:10 am
and benefits. musicians will hand out flyers to educate the public about the impact of the strike. and a 62-year-old attorney and surfer in santa cruz county is being accused of harassing paddle borders. that suspect is out on bail after getting arrested on vandalism charges. he's suspected of scratching a truck parked near 38th avenue near east cliff drive. investigators believe he may have vandalized other vehicles. he's anowed that they're using a popular surfing spot. territorial, i guess. >> none of the surfers i know would do that. >> no. let's check in with sal. you're watching 880 and everything else. >> yes, it's become a lot heavier in the last few minutes. that's a traffic that's usually busy at this hour. it's kind of strange for most of the morning it's light and then this hour it starts to get busy as it gets crowded.
8:11 am
when you get to the toll plaza, it looks pretty good. it's improved. just as we suspected it night. there are no problems in san jose. i would avoid 280. use 880 to 101. they're still investigating a fatal crash and trying to clean up. 8:08. camera moving around a little bit. that's because it's breezy. getting reports of gusty winds up around the antioch-brentwood area. gusts at 25, 30 miles per hour this time of day. pretty windy for early in the day. winds will be strong all day. you will notice more in your neighborhood as you go through the next three or four hours. it's not a crazy windy day. it's a spring day with pollen on the trees coming out everywhere. the winds blowing and sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s. tree pollen is going to have an impact on your day. if you're bothered by allergies, those are the days
8:12 am
you will notice them. gale warnings offshore. we have small craft advisory off ocean beach and pacifica. temperatures slightly warmer than they were yesterday by a couple degrees, certainly by four or five degrees. right now 47 in livermore. 70 in brentwood today. that's your daytime high. 70 in fairfield, 68 in hayward. a nice looking day. >> it was warmer last week in some places but it's going to gradually warm. today a little warmer than yesterday. tomorrow a little warmer than today. you get the picture. then you've got numbers in livermore valley, we pop at some 70s out there too. your 5-day forecast comes in with your weekend in view. it looks really good. tuesday, clouds increase and hopefully we'll be able to get some rain in here, tori, looks like there's a good shot for it on wednesday. >> thank you. it's 8:10, a couple at the heart of the gay marriage
8:13 am
debate. they're sounding off as the supreme court prepares to hear their case against proposition 8. a plant they close its doors soon. so what's next for its 140 employees. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date. well, he showed up in a van. [ women ] oh-awww. [ voices in background ] [ female announcer ] swapportunity. the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light.
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8:15 am
we're going the see low 70s clear outside, no fog, but there's wind. when we come back, i've got the 5-day forecast. it shows rain in there. i will see you back here in just a minute. as of now, authorities at
8:16 am
quantico marine base are not releasing the names of the three marines killed there last night. as reporting from washington, dc newsroom, investigators say a marine killed two others before taking his own life. kila. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with a spokesperson. he tells me a military investigation person is in charge of leading the case. this is an apparent murder- suicide. he shot and killed another man and woman before killing himself. this all happened last night when authorities found a marine dead in the barracks at the officer candidates school. then police found the shooter and a woman both dead in another part of the same barracks. the base commander says all three marines worked at quantico's officer candidate school. the base was put on lockdown for about four hours. today counselors are on hand for those who live and work at quantico.
8:17 am
>> i would also ask for the support of our neighbors, the community, and their thoughts and prayers as well for our marines who have lost their comrades in arms. thank you. another marine spokesperson said there are two main questions, what led to this and what can they do to keep this from happening again. the base commander you just heard from said it's been a tough week for marine around the country. seven marines were killed on monday in an explosion in nevada. live in washington, kila campbell, channel 2 news. democrats say the gun control legislation includes expanded federal background checks for gun buyers. harry reid says it will include tougher laws and tougher sentences for gun trafficking. the national rifle association opposes the background check saying this could lead to a
8:18 am
federal -- regis tri-of gun owners. that event will be at the reed hill view airport between 8:00 a.m. and noon. >> it is 8:15. u.s. district courts in northern california are taking five furlough days to deal with forced cutbacks. san francisco and san jose will be closed on the first friday of every month from may to september. the court in oakland will be closed the first monday from may to august. it will close on the second monday in september because of
8:19 am
the labor day holiday. a berkley couple are among the plaintiffs in this historic case. they claim prop 8, california's voter approved ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. the couple has been together for 13 years and raised four boys. >> they're adults going to work every day that are in the situation sandy and i are in. they would do better, there would be more permanence. >> same-sex couples said they should be afforded the same as heterosexual couples. it's argued that heterosexual marriage san institution of society. reporter david stevenson will have live reports from washington beginning on monday. he'll be at the supreme court on monday for oral arguments.
8:20 am
then join us for a news special on tuesday night. we'll go in-depth on the prop 8 case. we'll gauge reaction from washington, dc to the bay area. time now, 8:17. one of the major employers employers employers in modesto will shut down. it's been in business almost 30 years. they have 140 employees, and they've said post is a good company to work for. now, a man who worked as a cereal blender and transferred to a different plant says his opinion of the company is now changing. >> now, it's changed. >> post is supposed to notify the city of modesto if they plan to shut down for good. so far the city says they have not been alerted as of yet. employees say they will be transferred to other factories if their skills are needed elsewhere. >> pepsi has a new shape for
8:21 am
its bottle. the first redesign in 17 years, features a more contoured bottom half of the bottle. it's expected to be easier to hold on to. it's also a shorter label so you can see how much soda you have inside. it will debut next month. it will roll out in california and florida. it will be a year before this is available ever where. coca-cola may be missing from passover feasts in california. they say they won't be able to make kosher for passover versions of coke that are due to state laws. it's sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. a sugar based product is used for kosher. one of the ingredients in that is on the state's list of possible cancer causing chemicals. if you're planning to head to oakland this sunday, be
8:22 am
prepared for big crowds and street closures. nearly 10,000 runners are expected to flood the streets for the annual oakland marathon. the race begins at 6:00 in the morn and is followed by a festival at 3:30. this is a look at the course and the areas affected by the race. major street closures include broadway, telegraph avenue and 1 1st street. bus services will be delayed and detoured around the route. we should alts mention that we'll, of course, mention more on ktvu mornings on saturday and sunday. >> it's going to be good. time now is 8:19. a proposed budget cuts will remove attractions from yosemite. >> the changes that could be put in place as early as next fall. >> time to make those weekend plans. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin is here filling in for
8:23 am
steve. he'll tell us if this nice weather will continue. >> looking good all the way to the tunnel and in oakland. we'll tell you more, coming up.
8:24 am
8:25 am
welcome back. 8:22. police in livermore released a photo of a suspected bank robber. take a look. this surveillance camera took a photo. the robber is described to be between 25 and 30 years old.
8:26 am
5'10" with reddish brown side burns and weighing 250 pounds. no one was hurt during the robbery. police have not told us how much must be was stolen. it's 8:23. it's a batter of preservation versus public access for yosemite national park. people packed into a meeting on hearing proposals on how to change the park's facilities. they were creating a plan to protect an 80 mill stretch of the river. all five proposals include eliminating commercial bike, horse, raft rentals. the curry village ice rink, the pools, and the art activity center. >> we looked at trying to find activities we could tone down in terms of the commercial aspect. >> the park service says people will still be able to bring their own recreation equipment. the five proposals also include changes to lodging. the park staff plans to make a
8:27 am
decision by the fall. yosemite is also one of the national parks learning to deal with automatic federal budget sequestration cuts that went into effect earlier this month. right now they're considering a rake of options to deal with the loss of $130 million from its budget. yellow stone park has announced a delayed opening and others have said their campgrounds may not open this summer. time now is 8:24. let's check in with sal. you're watching something right now. >> we just got word of a brand new accident here on highway 4. this crash is blocking the lanes. looks like it's an overturned vehicle reported on its side there. the police and the fire department are on the way. we're not sure, but someone reported that someone may be trapped inside that car on highway 4. also, the morning commute is going to be busy. if you're driving toward the
8:28 am
toll plaza, it looks good into san francisco. we've been telling you about this crash in san jose on southbound 280. it's a good thing it's friday. southbound 28 outhire cleaning up that incident near mclaughlin. the traffic coming out of san jose is not that bad. 8:25, let's go to bill martin. it's a beautiful friday. hope you're ready for it. steve is sick. he wasn't feeling good yesterday. i bet you noticed that. he's going to be off today. i hope he's back on monday. here's how it looks outside. plenty of sunshine. temperatures going to get back in the upper 60s. today slightly warmer and breezy. we've got wind in the delta right now. it's just 25 miles per hour. you notice on windy conditions out towards brentwood, spring like weather pattern is hanging out there. sunday is the warmest day on the weekend it's not going to be hot. it's going to be warm. here's the bay area forecast.
8:29 am
weekend in view. i'm hoping this tuesday- wednesday thing happens, increasing clouds and rain. we certainly need the rain, dave. >> yes. >> when i come back, we'll give you the forecast. we have a computer model loaded up. we'll try to find some. >> thank you, bill. the woman in texas, she burned her own house down by accident. how this happened and what spared her so much. a violent attack on a packed muni bus. we'll tell you what happened to a 15-year-old girl and her mother when two men tried to board that bus. >> and it's coming down to the last few days where you can actually stop and pay a toll at the golden gate bridge. we'll tell you more as morning news on 2 continues.
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
welcome back. time now is 8:29. in san francisco, a 15-year-old girl and her mother say they were attacked on a crowded muni bus. they say it happened last weekend at mission street. ktvu has been there since 4:30. we have more information on the suspect and what muni riders are saying about it. well, certainly muni riders hearing about the attack are shocked to hear about what happened, but they all say they take precautions with their own safety. take a look behind me. there's actually a couple of buses coming down mission. this is actually a busy line from muni. it was a 14 mission bus. where all this apparently happened. it was a very crowded bus. this all happened last weekend, about 7:30 at nite. this mother and her 15-year-old daughter were on the bus
8:33 am
standing near the doors in the back when two people got on board. one was a very large man who tried to push his way into the room. he kept pushing and pushing until that teen reacted by slapping him and turning around and saying saying there's no more room. that apparently set her off, and he punched the girl and started stranging her. the mother tried to step in and stop it, and that's when police say she was punched too. while all of this is going on, the second man then stole the mother's purse. now, both victims are going to be okay. the search continues for the two men. we've been talking to muni riders this morning about what happened and things they do to protect their own safety. >> i watch my purse. i'm not on my cell phone. i know people will -- i've heard when you're sitting by the doors, a lot of times people will come by and grab your kel phone and run out the door. >> do you see any problems on the buses usually? >> i've seen some graffiti.
8:34 am
it's always right before they get off of the bus. graffiti. i have seen some people rolling up marijuana in the back of the bus. >> now, we talked to riders about what they would do in the same situation. one woman told us she would get off. another woman says she doesn't know. she feels bad for the bus drivers because they aren't equipped to deal with that kind of violence on their buses. we have a description for you this morning. at least one of the men, the man who attacked them is a large man man, possibly sam mowen. now, there was the second man that stole the mother's purse. they didn't get a good look at that suspect. we don't have a description of him for you. however, police are hoping surveillance video on the bus may help them. again, it was a very crowded bus. certainly they're hoping anyone who has information on this would also give them a call.
8:35 am
claudine wong, channel 2 news. a police pursuit in brentwood results in the arrest of three burglary suspects. officers first chased a stolen car yesterday morning. it ended when the 18-year-old suspect crashed into a light pole on the 400 block of american avenue. an investigation soon led police to two more burglary suspects nearby. officers accused the three men of breaking into a string of homes in brentwood in recent months. >> welcome back. time now is 8:32. a lot of frustration, fear, outrage in chicago. some of the emotions, thousands of people going through this morning after finding out more than 50 schools will be shut down in chicago this fall. the city says many of the schools are half empty and the money spent keeping them open could be used elsewhere. this will help with $1 billion short fall. the closures are expected to save the district $600 million over the next ten years.
8:36 am
morgan hill's preschool teacher will be arraigned in court next week when charges of child endangerment and assault. fellow teachers caught 59-year- old debra gratz putting sleeping pills into the cup of children. they were between the ages of one and two. she has since been fired from her job. >> it is 8:33a man from france was arrested in philadelphia last night accused of trying to impersonate a pilot. 61-year-old felipe gerard went to the counter and passengers say he was angry after being denied a business class seat. he was screaming about hating america and still boarded the plane with a ticket. he slipped into the cockpit, possibly because he was wearing a white air france shirt and a black leather jacket with
8:37 am
tassels on the shoulders. >> we don't know what his designs were. he could be anything from just wanting to take a look at the cockpit to some other criminal designs. >> he was arrested when he could not produce the proper credentials. no passengers were hurt in the incident. the man is being held on a million dollars bond. today we'll find if any bay area air traffic control towers will be closed. five air traffic control towers here in the bay area are in a possibly closure list. concord, livermore and isn't rosa and napa. the airports would still operate, just without air traffic controllers. instead, pilots would go back to their previous system of communicating with each other over their radios. >> time now is 8:35. if you plan to drive across the golden gate bridge, you better
8:38 am
have fast track, the toll area will go through major changes next week. ktvu's brian flores is at the bay bridge toll plaza to explain everything that's going to happen out there. >> reporter: today is the last friday where you can actually stop and pay your toll to a human toll taker. there's going to be major changes coming up on wednesday. if you have not done so yet, as you mentioned, commuting across the golden gate bridge, it may be a good idea to get fast track to avoid hassles. now, wednesday, they will leave the booths forever. it will transfer to automatic tolling. now, workers on the golden gate bridge are working to change the signage indicating those changes. this will take place over the days, as we mentioned. the speed limit is expected to increase from 5 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour, and there will also be a dedicated carpool lane for cars with three or more commuters inside.
8:39 am
golden gate bridge officials expect thereby to be confusion, especially from visitors and actually those with rental cars. >> we have the database in the system already. we have all their license plates. the rental car companies do offer a tolling program. it comes with convenience fees added to it. 2.95 is a pretty typical charge if you use a toll facility. you don't pay those fees unless you're using a toll facility. you want to look at the contract, ask the agent if you're going to be crossing a bridge in the bay area, including the golden gate, what does this mean? >> reporter: now, they will also be reconfiguring lanes and better distinguishing for drivers when to merge. the changes cost the district about $35,000. they plan to save at least $16 million in the next ten years by making this change. back out here live, you can see the signage is taking place on the golden gate bridge. officials say be patient out
8:40 am
there. as many commuters will have to get used to the changes. one person that is not patient when it comes to giving you the most up to date traffic information, i'm hoping the roadways are looking light right now. >> in fact, the golden gate bridge has been light ever since they instituted fast track a few years back. i used to be a commute when people had to stop and pay cash. it should be that way when the electronic toll take place. let's go out and take a look at the rest of the commute. highway 4 westbound, there's an overturned vehicle on the shoulder. there's some of the delay past the scene. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's become light. if you're trying to get into san francisco, not a bad commute. there's a delay in some of the middle lanes. in the south bay on westbound 237, we have a little bit of slow traffic. all in all, this commute is getting out to a good end as we get closer to 9:00. you know what? you have been a huge hit on twitter this morning.
8:41 am
people have been talking about you being in the morning show. >> it's been fun. i was just telling tori and dave, i don't see you guys that much. we're at the same station, but we don't see each other that much. >> i hope you feel welcome. >> they brought donuts, i was making so much noise about food. it's good to be here. i love you guys, steve is going to be back. he just wasn't feeling well. outside right now we have beautiful conditions. you knew that. today is going to be warmer than yesterday. a little bit of wind. as we head into your weekend, there you go. it's going to be nicer. it's nice to be here on a day when the weather is so calm and kind of cool. as you go into the weekend, it's nice to see those sunshines staring at you. it changes though. it changes as we get into tuesday and wednesday next week. hopefully we'll get back into winter. in the meantime, you can enjoy 69 in antioch. 70 in brentwood. you head to work, just know it's going to be another
8:42 am
beautiful day. i've been talking about the pollens all day. they're turning high right now. you notice it on your cars in the morning. be prepared for the winds today. tree pollen is everywhere. it's a drag if you're an allergy sufferer. it's that way all weekend. here's your weekend in view. great news saturday and sunday. that's what you want. even better news if the rain transpires on tuesday and wednesday. >> 8:39, a woman in texas accidentally burned down her house trying to get away from a snake. it was wild. she saw the snake while she was cleaning her yard. so she poured gasoline on it and set it on fire. that's when the real trouble started. >> the snake went into the brush pile, and the brush pile caught the home on fire. >> boy, her whole house was destroyed. look at that, her neighbor's house was also damaged.
8:43 am
we have not heard if the neighbor will be facing charges. the cause of a fire in a crop dusting business is being investigated this morning. last night several crews responded to a fire in dixon prairie airport. the man who lives on the property heard popping sounds and then saw the fire engulf an airplane hanger. right now it's not being called suspicious. there are new concerns about how america's cup is financing the yacht races. organizers apparently hope to have as many as 40 concerts at an amphitheater planned on pier 29. they already have six acts signed, including sting, whose concert is sold out. they're worried about traffic and noise created near the homes. >> we don't want this to be like broadway with everyone roaring around and racing their cars up and down the streets.
8:44 am
>> it's going to be a great experience for everybody. >> the america's cup committee says it's working with neighbors to address their concerns. san francisco's entertainment commission will hold a hearing on the concert plans early next month. [music] and speaking of concerts, prince is coming here to the bay area. he announced the upcoming tour on a website called dr. dr. funkenberry. he'll perform two shows with his nail -- all female backing band. i'm sure he's fascinating. >> lease incredible. goes nonstop. 8:41. president obama is now in jordan as his middle east tour continues. look at the reception for the president. we'll tell you what's on his agenda in jordan and the peace effort he's negotiated before
8:45 am
leaving israel. a 24-hour police tweet-a- thon is now under way in the south bay. the department is participating, and how you can follow their every move. a couple of lanes and onramps of a major freeway in san jose are closed after a body is found earlier this morning. we'll tell you how close cal tran is to opening everything up when mornings on 2 continues. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. [ malcrrkkhshziiiizzlllee. to this symphony of flavor: beautiful. shhhhshshshshhshshhhhhsshhhshs. gorgeous! here comes the crescendo. kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast.
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8:48 am
stocks are up this morning after a pair of retailers reported better than expected earnings. tiffany's and darden's quarters beat wall street's predictions. cyprus, measures they hope will qualify the country for a bailout package and avoid financial ruin next week. the dow is up 81. nasdaq up 13. s&p up 9. happening right now, president obama is in jordan. this is a live picture of a welcoming ceremony. it looks like some hours there. nice shot with the american flag blowing in the foreground. they're discussing the concerns over 400,000 syrians who have crossed the border into jordan to escape the violence in
8:49 am
syria. jordan is the last stop on president obama's tour of the mideast. before leaving israel, president obama was able to facilitate peace negotiations, not between israel and palestinians, but between israel and turkey. while at the airport, president obama and israeli prime minister netanyahu put a call through. netanyahu apologized for the death of ten turkish activists on a raid headed to gaza. time now is 8:46. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following right now. authorities at the u.s. marine base in quantico said a marine killed two fellow marines and a woman last night before killing himself. all three were staff members at the officer candidate school in quantico.
8:50 am
back here at home, crews are working to shore up a hillside near the tunnel along highway 101. some large rocks, including one that was four feet wide, rolled down the hill and hit several vehicles around 5:00 this morning. all the southbound lanes reopened after being shut down for at least an hour. traffic is backed up on interstate 280 in san jose after a deadly overnight hit and run. the driver saw the body of a woman on the highway around 3:00 this morning and called 911. ktvu has on this since early this morning. we're back with more information on all the traffic delays. we're in the southbound lanes. traffic is moving five to ten miles an hour. i can't tell how far the backup goes. i also want to show you and tell you about two closures, the 7 7th street onramp as well as the 11th street onramp are
8:51 am
closed to get onto 280. that's because of the earlier accidents. cleanup crews, hazardous materials cleanup crews arrived in the last half hour to clean up the earlier accident. let's go to earlier this morning. someone driving on 280 called 911 after seeing a body of a woman crumpled on the freeway. that person stopped and used their vehicle to stop other cars from running over the body. it's being called a hit-and-run accident. they believe she was walking on the highway and was hit and the driver sped off. >> be on the lookout for a vehicle with fresh traffic damage. a hazardous material cleanup crew arrived here. they're spraying bleach on the freeway to get rid of the debris from the accident scene. that should take about 45 minutes to an hour. cal tran and the california
8:52 am
highway patrol are on scene. they're looking for help on this accident. they don't have any leads in this case. they're looking for any vehicles that may have front end damage. if anyone has any damage, they want them to call this number. you're looking at a live picture again of cal tran as well as the cleanup crews trying to get this back in order. the number three and number four lanes are closed. only two lanes, the number and number two are open, as well as the onramps. the estimated time is they should have everything back open at 10:00 a.m. reporting live, janine delavega. we're learning new details now about a man who was shot and killed with officers in texas. denver police have confirmed the man was a suspect in the death of a pizza delivery man in colorado on sunday, but authorities are also investigating whether the suspect may have shot and killed colorado prison director
8:53 am
tom clement on tuesday. yesterday the man was killed after a high speed chase and shootout with police in decatur, texas. authorities say his car and license plate match the description of the car last seen at clement's home. the man was out of jail on parole after serving time in jail for the past ten years. authorities are expected to give an update in about 15 minutes. >> time is 8:50. another vein, did you ever want to go on a ride along with a police officer? you don't have to leave your tablet or smart phone. pam cook is in our newsroom to tell us what is happening as we speak. >> reporter: right now just hours ago, police officers around the world actually launched a tweet-a-thon. it officially began at 8:00 this morning here in the bay area, but agencies around the world started overnight. i've been watching. you need to put the hashtag pt
8:54 am
to follow all the action. mountain police tweeted out a picture of their dispatch center this morning, showing they're ready to go. the idea is to improve communication between officers and the public. officers say social media is definitely a big part of their job. >> we don't have quite as much experience with twitter. we've discovered it's a useful tool, easy communication right then and right there. >> now, speaking of that, they've been tweeting about the rock slide this we reported near the freeway in salcedo. san rafael, san mateo, fremont police are all of those participating in the event today in the bay area. across the country and around the world, you can check in exactly on what's happening. an example of improving communication, one of the most retweeted messages this morning in this event is one from a police department in calgary in
8:55 am
canada, advising parents to tell kids it's a good thing when police are in their neighborhood. they're here to protect us. don't be afraid of them. go to them when you need help. reporting live in the newsroom, pam cook, channel 2 news. >> it's fascinating how twitter is changing everything. the u.s. government is expanding a cyber security program. the program scans internet traffic headed in and out of defense contractors, but now the program is being expanded to include more private civilian run intersurprises. that means private sector employees at banks and transportation companies will have their e-mails and internet surfing scanned as a precaution against cyber attacks. it follows a report earlier this month indicating cyber attacks are now more of a threat to the u.s. than terror attacks. coming up at 8:53. cute little animals, but they're in danger of becoming extinct. more of the return of the popular sea otter exhibit at
8:56 am
the monterey aquarium. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
8:57 am
well, he showed up in a van. [ women ] oh-awww. [ voices in background ] [ female announcer ] swapportunity. the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light. ♪ sorry... about your date, the details of your date. [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away. yoplait. it is so good.
8:58 am
it is 8:55. tomorrow the sea otters return to their two-story home at the monterey aquarium. the otter exhibit has thrilled 50 million aquarium visitors. now they can learn more about how they rescue and rehabitate otters on the brink of
8:59 am
extension. they will be able to try out the new otter spotter station where they can watch wild otters. tickets are going fast for tomorrow's ncaa game at hp pavillion. cal takes on the bears. san jose has hosted the tournament three times in seven years. each time it brings in an estimated $20 million to the local economy. tipoff for the cal-syracuse game is 6:30 tomorrow night. the 12th seated bears are definitely the underdogs. last night they pounded montana. 81 to 34. sadly the other bay area teens, st. mary's came close but loss to memphis. by the way, yesterday's biggest upset was 14th seed harvard knocking out third seat new mexico 68-62. gee. i wonder what you will be doing tomorrow night, sal. >> i have my book club. you know that. >>dding.